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How can you develop little cost modern marketing concept?

Marketing concept is one reasonably promotion technique this way you can easily send your customers the basic information about your product. Marketing concept does not have any particular custom style it depends on your own style.

When I was BBA student, our marketing teacher, Miss Anila tells us if you properly established creative and strong marketing concept for your own business. In this approach, you will be able to receive 90% of business success. Moreover, she also tells us before creation, marketing concept you must develop your innovative thinking. And world most 7 renowned, Innovative marketing concept related advertising company is,

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Well I am little bit confused about those 90%. However, I respect my teacher, Miss Anila. She is one of the best teachers in our university. As her student, I feel much honored. I will not waste your valuable time. Today I’ll mention my experimental discussion. This is…

7 ways you can develop little cost modern marketing concept for your own business:-

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1. Color or design based leaflets delivery-

In our country, this is a popular marketing concept. There is little debate about this idea in our local area. Whatever you can freely, receive this concept. This is very cheap cost advertising process. Bus station and train station are the suitable place for leaflet delivery.

2. Facebook page promotion about your product-

You will be glad to know that, my friend Masudur Rashid earns about $2000 per month in Facebook page. Without investment, you can easily adopt it. This advertisement main need is a clear concept about your product.

3. Send product or service information with mobile or online SMS-

Before using this service, you will need to collect your local area customers mobile or phone number.  This service is known as E services. With a little amount of money, you can send SMS to many of your selected customers.

4. Increase social activities in the local area-

Through social activities, you can gain total success in your business. Particular festival time you can supply your product or service free for local peoples. That way, you can easily reach your customers closer. This marketing concept known as relationship marketing.

5. Your product or service based body tattoo-

This is very crazy concept. I’ve tested it. Its output is very promising. Before accept this idea you must search ultra modern smart individual. Your model, age range must be 19 to 28.  I recommend college or university students for you. Please test this concept and give me your feedback.

6. To promote your product ads popular local FM radio station –

Popular FM radio station is the best place for your product promotion. Nowadays FM radio is very popular to all countries peoples. You can introduce your product in short time via FM station. In my opinion, it is a very beneficial marketing concept.

7. Free test service-

Free test service can be very effective for your particular product. This way, customers can easily recognize the value of your product. This is an old concept, but the customer’s response rate incredibly high.

Remains, I want to say this 7-marketing concept is very unique and effective. Without any doubt, you can select this concept. I’ll wait for your valuable feedback.

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