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90% Success secret tips for small business owners

Well, most of the small business owners consider little bit capital and luck for their business success. My own point of view it is not the actual needs of small business. Like other businesses in need of small business owners fresh business strategy, particular business target, as usual hard working and effective business communication.

Where I live, there are many small business shops. Locally known as -Tong Dokan. Mr. Kalam and Badal both are Tong Dokan small business owners. About seven days ago, I had a meeting with them and I only asked two questions. 1. How small business owner can be successful business entrepreneurs? 2. How can you catch your target customers?

Nearly two hours they share with me their varieties business ideas and live experience. I heard their words very attentively. So today, I will discuss for my all newcomer business entrepreneur friend.

7 secret tips for small business owners. You can get 90% success in this way.

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1. Advanced Planning-

For higher business success, you need to create advanced planning. It can be short term or long term. Three things you must follow before planning. 1. Your business capital, 2. Local customer core needs and 3. Find suitable business position.

2. Your business goodwill establishes-

You must keep in mind one thing. Business goodwill is the main capital for your business. These way small business owners can be able to establish his or her business success strengths.

3. Skilled employee appointment-

If you would like to run your business on the proper track. You must seek out efficient worker. This way you can be able to take your business goal. Before hiring an employee, you must identify three things. 1. Working speed 2. Previous working experience and 3. Capability of honesty.

4. Publicity of your product and services in modern ways-

Do you want to challenge your local business competitor? You must accept modern facilities for your product or service promotion. Namely- Local TV channel advertisement, online social media marketing, Mobile SMS marketing for local people, electronic billboard etc.

5. Correct way to store transaction accounts-

From my personal perspective, it is the main necessity for all small business owners. Because it is the part of a business. I suggest for all business entrepreneur please everyday properly store your business transaction. This way you can recognize your business profit or loss properly. Moreover, this way you can swiftly take right decision within the right time.

6. Ensure attractive behavior with your customer-

First, you think when you go to any store for buying your necessary goods what kind of behavior you expect from the sales representative. As like- better cooperation, Actual product info, Actual product price rate, Comfortable circumstance, Smiley face from sales representative etc. If my words are right, please ensure this behaviors for your customer.

7. Confirmation higher quality product-

If small business owners want to get the long-term business success. He or she must be ensuring the best quality based product. Because, business success depends on best quality products.  My personal opinion is it will give first priority to the business people.

Finally, I want to say all small business owners If you Ensure fairness and diligence for managing the business. You can achieve your particular business goal at right time.

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