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42 hidden ways to be a successful business entrepreneurs

Well, first I have mentioned what is business and what is an entrepreneur? Simple word Product or services buying and selling process are business and the entrepreneur is that individual who started his or her own business. Now this modern world most of the individuals want to start his or her career in profitable business. When I was a student in BBA that time my university senior lecturer Miss. Nahar say that, if you want to successful business entrepreneur in your life you must be follow successful entrepreneur struggle life and his or her business life and you must accept their advice cordially.

So, in the below I have mentioned ten successful business entrepreneur name in the whole world-

  • Bill Gates
  • Thomas Edison
  • Orji Uzor Kalu
  • Li Ka Shing
  • Richard Branson
  • Lawrence J. Ellison
  • Michael Dell
  • Steve Jobs
  • Henry Ford
  • Walt Disney

I sure that, if you are properly analysis this top ten successful entrepreneur business strategy in this way, you can learn many useful things. Trust me. Finally, I back in my main topics. Today I have mentioned,

” 42 hidden ways to be a successful business entrepreneurs”>

The 42 hidden ways to be a successful business entrepreneur that are very effective for new entrepreneurs-

  1. Before starting investment you must create clear business ideas or plan
  2. Search a suitable location.
  3. Identify local people important need and demand.
  4. Include family members in the workplace.
  5. Ensure enough investment.
  6. Establish an effective commitment for yourself.
  7. Develop your own leadership quality.
  8. Naturally create your confidence.
  9. Experiment with your customer’s buying ability.
  10. Implement your own creativity.
  11. Improve the quality of your thinking.
  12. Improve your social relationships with local people.
  13. Find out knowledgeable employees.
  14. Accept risk at the right time.
  15. Improve your risk taking ability.
  16. Make sure your advanced thinking.
  17. Timely collects important information from customers.
  18. Get inspired yourself properly.
  19. Change marketing program at the right time.
  20. Avoid aggressive attitude for mental satisfaction.
  21. Improve your own technical and technological knowledge.
  22. Avoid conflicts between nearest competitors.
  23. To be done the right way at the right time.
  24. Upgrade to new product or service properly.
  25. Improve your sales growth strategy.
  26. Create attractive personality.
  27. Control individual emotion.
  28. Create an alternative plan for future recession.
  29. Adjust your losses and profits properly.
  30. Accept the principle of full market research.
  31. Analyze your disability and energy.
  32. Establish your market survey policy.
  33. Ensure expert advice for better decision.
  34. Make sure your honesty and justice.
  35. Create advanced manpower.
  36. Create a good quality product for a good sale.
  37. Timely pay worker’s salary.
  38. Make the insurance policy for better security.
  39. Create a new product promotion strategy for better sales increase.
  40. Use modern equipment for good quality product.
  41. Bad Time you will need to hold patience.
  42. Remove mental tension for better decision.

However, from my viewpoint these 42 ways are unique hidden way to be a successful business entrepreneur. I hope this way; you can achieve your goal. Okay, I will wait for your great comment.

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